Motivating Learners: Resources

by Opal Virgo – Friday, 26 February 2016, 2:30 PM

Essential Questions

by Patricia Cross-Bishop (Patti) – Sunday, 21 February 2016, 9:31 PM

Articles (these are all linked to the articles)

Dr. Viktor E. Frankl called Man’s Search for Meaning. For a link to his book click here:  Author: Stahl,Robert J. Using “Think-Time” and “Wait-Time” Skillfully in the Classroom. ERIC Digest.


McTighe, J. Wiggins, G (2013) A Four- Phase Process For Implementing Essential Questions, 4, 44-49:  Essential Questions: Opening doors to Student Understanding.

McTighe, J. Wiggins, G (2013) Developing Questioning Autonomy, 4, 59-60: Essential Questions: Opening doors to Student Understanding

McTighe, J. Wiggins, G (2013) Response Strategies – Wait Time, 4, 52-53; Essential Questions: Opening doors to Student Understanding


Digital Storytelling Resources

by Jeremy Boyne – Tuesday, 26 January 2016, 11:03 AM

Here are links to resources to help with creating a Digital Story. If you have others please add them below.

All working links

Free/Trial Software for Recording A Project 

Video Scribe (thanks Doug)

Windows Movie Maker

iMovie for Mac

MS PowerPoint

Prezi (presentation software that uses motion, zoom and spatial relationships)

WeVideo (cloud based video creation platform)

Free version = 5min/month, 2GB max

Paid = $10/month, 1HR, 5GB max

Powtoon (create animated videos)

Capzles (Create rich multimedia movies, timelines, etc)

Slidestory (free narration over pictures software)

Zeega (interactive slideshows)

Photos and Videos (Creative Commons)

Creative Commons (Free Images, Video, Music)

Flikr: Creative Commons (Non-Copyright Online photos) (free pictures, movies and pictures — non-profit)

Morguefile (catalogue of high res stock photos)

Wikimedia Commons (free, shared photos)

Bigfoto (free photos)

Fromoldbooks (Free scanned pictures from old books)

Stockvault (Free stock photos for non-commercial use)


Audacity (Free Multi-track audio editor and recorder)

FMA (Free Music Archive)

Freesounds (Free music & sounds — Creative Commons)

SoundCloud (mix of free to download tracks & paid)

Opsound (Free music)

Software – Membership/$ based

Zimmer Twins (Animated Digital Storytelling)


Animoto (professional videos using predesigned templates)

$16/month (personal), $42/month (professional)

Additional Software Resources